When the LIGHT has to be right, choose

Dim to Warm Led Lighting

High-quality lighting is crucial for creating the desired atmosphere & to enhance the interior design of any space. SunLight2® Dim To Warm, LED products are perhaps the best choice when both a healthy light source and the right Ambiance is needed. Sunlight2® products offer exceptional lighting quality with Dim To Warm capabilities and the highest color accuracy, CRI 94+ and R9 90+, making them perfect for a wide range of lighting applications such as retail, gallery, hospitality, educational facilities and residential lighting.

Our focus and passion have been to design, develop and invent a light source that will deliver to you an outstanding lighting experience, “The Right Light”!
And that is how Sunlight2® was born!

High-Quality Lighting

SunLight2 bulbs feature superior color rendering, dim-to-warm capability, and UV free, full-spectrum color output. All models are compliant with California Title 24, JA8 regulations and can be used indoors or outdoors.

The high CRI/R9 values (96+) provided by SunLight2’s patented LED technology provide true and natural color accuracy – close to that of natural sunlight (CRI 100) – making SunLight2 bulbs ideal for applications such as:

Ideal for Down lights,
Pendants, and
Track lighting fixtures.
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SunLight2® products are designed to meet the demands of architects and interior designers who intend to create a specific ambiance in a space. The patented LED technology used in SunLight2 bulbs provides superior color rendering, Dim To Warm capability, UV-free, full-spectrum color output.

This feature ensures that the colors of objects, artworks, and textiles are displayed in their most natural form, making them ideal for color-critical tasks like museum and gallery lighting or retail displays of apparel, groceries, and hard goods. They are versatile in their application and offer dim-to-warm capabilities and UV-free, full-spectrum color output. Whether you are creating an environment of relaxation or highlighting specific objects, SunLight2® products provide architects and interior designers with the exact feeling they are looking for in a lighting source.

SunLight2® LED products are compliant with California Title 24, JA8 regulations, and can be used both in indoors and outdoors fixtures, making them versatile in their application. They are particularly useful in downlights, pendants, and track lighting fixtures, where the need for accurate color rendering is essential.

3000K 1800K

SunLight2® products offer high CRI/R9 values (94+) that provide true and natural color accuracy, comparable to that of natural sunlight (CRI 100), TM30 near 100. These qualities make them an excellent choice for residential and hospitality lighting applications, where creating a relaxing or inviting environment is critical.

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